Torn curtain - torn curtain

It's Cold Outside
We have been having quite the cold snap here in the ATL. Driving to work in the warmth of my car reminded me of when I was a kid riding in th … e family car on cold days in the NH snow. I used to think of our car as a bubble of warmth sailing through the bitter cold outside. That made me think of Job and what Satan had to say (to God) about him [Job 1:10 NLT] “You have always put a wall of protection (bubble) around him and his home and his property. You have made him prosper in everything he does.” Job was traveling through this cold world with a bubble of protection in the warmth of God’s grace. Friends please know that when we strive to be in the favor of our God, He gives us that same bubble of protection. We can travel through this cold world in the warmth of God’s great grace and mercy. Beware though, if you open the bubble (sin), you let in the cold and the world can have its way with you. When this happens God has given us our very own way to re-close the bubble. He has given us prayer, and forgiveness through Jesus. He keeps this available to us at all times, so we can turn to Him at all times, to return into His bubble of warmth and grace. Be Blessed. Pastor Randy

We all love a story or an apt illustration. Well-chosen object lessons are a great way to teach spiritual truth . At the moment Jesus died on the cross, God gave us one of the most dramatic object lessons in the Bible when the curtain in the temple (sometimes called the veil) was torn from top to bottom.

Armstrong visits a contact, a "farmer" ( Mort Mills ), where it is revealed that his defection is in fact a ruse to gain the confidence of the East German scientific establishment, in order to learn how much their chief scientist Gustav Lindt ( Ludwig Donath ) and by extension, the Soviet Union , knows about anti-missile systems.

Torn Curtain - Torn CurtainTorn Curtain - Torn CurtainTorn Curtain - Torn CurtainTorn Curtain - Torn Curtain