Alan fitzpatrick - reflections

Dent and Prefect wind up on a ship stolen by President of the Galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox. Along with another human runaway and a depressed robot, the crew find themselves in a serious of perilous adventures one after the other and it’s all good fun with a great story that holds up in its own right while also poking a lot of fun at the generally very serious science-fiction genre.

Dukes was born in Drimnagh in 1945. His father, James F. Dukes, was originally from Tralee , County Kerry and was a senior civil servant, the founding chairman and chief executive of the Higher Education Authority , [2] while his mother was from near Ballina, County Mayo .

Alan Fitzpatrick - ReflectionsAlan Fitzpatrick - ReflectionsAlan Fitzpatrick - ReflectionsAlan Fitzpatrick - Reflections