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Jess Caskey
Jess had never visited Crested Butte before she moved here. It was a big journey from Alaska, after she got a job as the Human Resources Manager at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. But once she and her husband got here, everything fell into place. They worked with the Crested Butte Mountain Resort real estate team to find a house as first time home buyers. Jess still remembers driving into the valley for the first time. It was late, she was tired, but as she turned the corner, a rainbow appeared in the sky over the mountains. “I knew this was my pot of gold.” 

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The story of Noah and the flood is one of those biblical narratives that we are so familiar with we think we know the whole story.

Amaury Pérez - AguasAmaury Pérez - AguasAmaury Pérez - AguasAmaury Pérez - Aguas