Chang - new life

The next day , Lee entered the TARDIS. Here, he met and was enthralled by the Master , who, after noting the TARDIS took a liking to Lee, convinced him that the Doctor was evil. Offering him bags of gold dust as compensation, the Master got Lee on his side. Taking the boy to the Cloister Room, the Master manipulated the natural connection to the TARDIS Lee had to open the Eye of Harmony, which helped the duo locate the Doctor. From there, they attempted to kidnap the Doctor and Grace in an ambulance, but after losing them in a chase, headed for the atomic clock the Doctor was attempting to obtain.

“An unbelievable experience… I have seen things your average holidaymaker does not get to see, and some of the islands are really paradise islands.”

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Chang - New LifeChang - New LifeChang - New LifeChang - New Life