Various - lowpitch sampler a

Thank you because, though most people take it for granted, you actually explained that “a curveball spins from top to bottom.” So many time I see teachers completely forget to teach this most basic fact of the curveball.

J Mascis and Willie Nelson both have really high action. It's just how they learned to play. If I recall correctly Johnny Ramone had really high action too, so he could hit harder without buzzing out.

So, what does it mean when we describe waves as having a certain Hertz ? Sure, we know it refers to the frequency of the wave. A wave of 262 Hz has 262 wave cycles passing by every second. A wave of 440 Hz has 440 cycles a second. But, what does that mean for a sound wave? Can we hear the difference in frequencies between two sounds?

…sensitive to fine degrees of pitch change. At the same time, it can accept a great number of pitch and tuning systems. On a worldwide basis, there are a large and varied number of tonal systems, the most ancient stemming from China. The oldest known of these in the West…

These shingles can start as low as 4/12 pitch, going all the way up to a 12/12 pitch.  Think of them as taking the middle road in terms of roof pitch--not too flat, not too pitched.

21 41 61 81 101 121 141 161 181 201

Various - Lowpitch Sampler A